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Title: Voice To Text Transcription Support
Budget: Over $25,000
Location: Not Disclosed
Time Left: Ended


My company Spinvox (www.spinvox.com) is currently in need of some significant support with our voice-to-text transcription services. We have recently agreed some deals with some major global telco customers to provide our service for their multi-millions of subscribers. The service we need support with is a combination of voice to text transcription & quality assurance for some messages that have been automatically converted by our voice recognition platforms.

We have requirements to support multiple languages to our customers, with our current requirements being in English (UK, US, Australian, Canadian & South African), Spanish, French & German. We have a restrained cost model so need to place our outsourced services in some of the more cost effective places of the world such as South America, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, etc.

We would initially require you to provide us with c.50 agent workstations 24/7 for a 3 month trial, which if successful would lead to a 2/3 year long term commercial deal with significant ramp-up of agent resource numbers.


09/19/07 Point Perfect Transcription Services India Pvt Ltd $25.00 09/21/07
COMMENTS: Welcome to PPTS India Pvt Ltd. Please visit us at www.pptservices.com for complete details about our services. We are glad to provide you with a 50 seater resource for the 3 month trial. We have a spare capacity of 150 seats already and can ramp up within the 3-4 month period as we have a spare seating area of 10,000 sq ft. Our quality is very good and we can provide valid references of clients who have been providing us with work for the past 6 years. Please provide me with your email to provide you with our best quote.
09/20/07 Envision India $25.00 09/30/07
COMMENTS: We are one of the leading data entry service providers and Document managent company in India. We have a strong infrastructural set up in New Delhi and other parts of India, like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahemdabad, etc. We have a well-qualified staff of over 900 employees, scalable to 1500. We provide XML, SGML and HTML data conversion, Legacy Content Conversion, Web optimized pdf files and other data entry services. We will guarantee the best Turn Around Time and the lowest possible price. We guarantee that. No one in the market will be able to beat the price that we will offer. Just try us once and you will not look anywhere else again. The minimum amount that we can bid is $25. However, it will work out to be a lot cheaper. Do try us for a pilot run or for a sample free of cost so you are assured the best possible work in the market. We will definitely leave you smiling. We are also ISO 9001:2000 certified company and have the strictest data security measures in place (BS7799 & ISO 17799). I’m the senior manager here and my name's Ashish Pratap Singh. Please feel free to contact me for further information or references of our past and present clients at your convenience at 91-98999-51-200 or at ashishpsingh@gmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you.
09/20/07 Dim Infosys $25.00 09/25/07
COMMENTS: Dim Infosys management has more than 5 years accumulated experience in meeting business needs of clients' non-core business processes. The type of BPO Dim Infosys is good at is sub-domains of Human Resource Outsourcing, Document Output Generation and Voice Contact Centers. Honestly speaking, the setup is new with an aggressive capital investment with a capacity of 500+ seats entirely dedicated for voice and non-voice BPO work but the team involved in making Dim Infosys has been working for India based companies (ICICI prudential Life Insurance, SIFY LTD, Central Board Of Secondary Education). Dim Infosys team is fully capable of handling resource management at macro-level; achieving operational and service excellence and complying desired SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for quality service delivery model. Technically, the site is equipped with robust workstations (P IV machines with Networked Printers), state-of-art servers (HP and Compaq) and best disaster-recovery tools under documented policies. Information Security is a prime requirement of every client and Dim Infosys takes care of it by using its Information Security Policy and Procedures. Our technical professionals have prioritized information security, technical enhancement on-demand and disaster recovery system to the level where error detection and its prevention must win. The Quality of Work (QoW) comes by doing right job at right place - Test Dim Infosys and you will find the answer what the quality is! Best Regards, S. Sanjoy CEO Dim Infosys Duncan link Road, Supply Colony, Dimapur, INDIA. email: ceo@diminfosys.com email: info@diminfosys.com Phone no: +91 03862 233332 Cell no: +91 9436260204 Massanger: YM: diminfosys Skype: diminfosys AOL: diminfosys MSN: diminfosys
09/20/07 WinSource Solutions $27.00 10/15/07
COMMENTS: WinSource Solutions is a premier provider of a full range of contact center services and BPO operations from the Philippines. We have extensive experience in detailed client service programs, especially surveys, client satisfaction work, warranty and problem resolution, and sales programs. Our approach is quite simple, we understand that 1) we are your representatives to your clients and we do not take that lightly, 2) our aim is client delight in the interactions we have, 3) you are our customer and your satisfaction and "delight" with our work is critical. Further, at the end of the day, our integrity and reputation is all we have. We have worked very hard to be know in the industry for our quality delivery and customer partnerships. We are fully staffed with the latest technology to deliver services on a variety of technical platforms or challenges. Our firm is growing and diversified with both US and Philippine management. Further, we do have sales operations and staff in the US to provide direct customer service and personal contact. We are proud to provide references and would welcome hosting you at our facilities if you deem it appropriate. Our pricing is flexible and we are interested in discussing the various options available. We also understand that we earn your business every day and look forward to the opportunity to earn your business. If you have any further questions, please contact me at the following contact points. Very Sincerely, Michael Ewing Michael Ewing VP of Business Development WinSource Solutions (661) 297-5443 Office (661) 297-5510 Fax (661) 993-8853 Mobile mewing@winsourcesolutions.com www.winsourcesolutions.com
09/20/07 Magnum Multimedias $25.00 09/21/07
COMMENTS: Hi, we would be interested if it is in English. Feel free to contact us.Thank you. Regards, Vijesh. GSM: +91-999-433-4376, Vijesh@neopixels.com
09/21/07 CommIT BPO,an IT Division of Diamondstar Exports $25.00 09/25/07
COMMENTS: We are a professionally managed company with ISO9001-2000(DNV) certification and have ISO17799:2000 information security standard implemented. We specialize in data capture for US healthcare industry and fleet management industry. Our three delivery centers in India (Pune, Ahmednagar and Coimbatore) are all ISO 9001:2000 certified for process and application development. Most of our projects are run by internally developed process control application. Our development team has a cumulative experience of 105 year in imaging technology. We provide a host of IT enables services from these three delivery centers which have a scalable capacity of 3200 Man Hours each day. We turn around in 24 hours: Approx 50,000 driver logs Approx 30,000 health prescription (Europe) Approx 10,000 HCFA/CMS 1500, UB-04, UB-92&UB claims in single db, ADA and state worker compensation forms Approx 25,000 lines of medical transcription services In all we deliver 2 million documents a month Please contact me at the following details, email:louis@commitbpo.com Talk: +919960637329 Thanks,
09/21/07 Secure Medical Data (SMD) $25.00 09/27/07
COMMENTS: Secure Medical Data, LLC is comprised of highly trained and experienced professionals who have been in the business for years. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a quality service, guaranteed accuracy , on-time delivery, and highest level of confidentiality. SMD is a leader in healthcare documentation and information management technologies. We have been in the business for 5 years. Our production facilities in the Philippines houses 100MTs on every shift, with 3 shifts working full-time. We can ramp up to 500 workstations if necessary. We produce medical transcripts 24/7 all-year-round,and business transcription is not a problem. We've recently ended a 6-month contract doing voice-to-text transcription with another company as a result of their failure to promptly comply with payment schedules based on the agreement. This gives us the edge of having the experienced transcriptionists you need to do the works for you. We can immediately transfer them to your account. We are the extension of your office that delivers transcription support management, on-time, all the time. We have a transcription training center that has 300+ graduates readily available for employment, coupled with the 300 experienced transcriptionists that we have on board. Trial transcriptions would not be a problem on our end, and we are ready to set a test trial with you as we would like to prove our worth for every client that signs in with us. Our rates would be at $5.00 to $7.00 per hr (negotiable) and ramping up to 500 seats is no problem. Our company shall immediately assign the 50 experienced transcriptionists, who did the voice-to-text project,to only your campaign upon agreement. Should you have any questions, please do contact us at: cell: (063)(9266261334); office (1-316-665-6730) / or email us at our administrative emails: lcrayton@smddocumed.com, r.crayton@smddocumed.com, or rivets05@yahoo.com
09/24/07 NILESOURCE $25.00 10/31/07
COMMENTS: Hello, I left a message for you yesterday that I was told was converted to text. As this is basically a public forum, I would like to speak with you directly regarding this project. NileSource is an Egyptian Company based in the US, that is fully qualified and prepared to ramp up to as many agents as your engagement deems necessary, to produce an end product that is professionally executed, delivered on time and to budget. G. Marolda Nilesource, CEO +1 808-443-4703 gjm@nilesource.com
09/25/07 Ajaxdotcom Pvt. Ltd. $25.00 09/26/07
COMMENTS: This e-mail is a manifestation of our interest to serve your organization by providing Competitive priced, high quality and reliable transcription services. Please read further for details: My company, Ajaxdotcom joined the outsourcing industry around 8 years ago and is intent on continuing to grow in the outsourcing market evolution. We currently employ 350 full time employees working for multiple customers at two strategic locations in India. Our core strengths include a seasoned management and operations team, a highly demonstrable track record of seamless process migration and consistent service delivery. Our culture is driven by our quality focus, integrity, sense of urgency and accountability at all times. Our clients are convinced that a long-term relationship with Ajaxdotcom has helped them to Transform their business processes, Improve their business performance and better business profits, Achieve rapid and sustainable improvements in business and lower their costs while increasing scale and efficiencies. We specialize in all types of business transcription services. Ajaxdotcom has been a leading provider of transcription services to multiple clients. We deliver consistent, accurate business transcripts on time, in any format based on clients' requirements and at an extremely competitive price. We transcribe the recorded conference calls\meetings\interviews etc. with high quality and in a low turn around time at a very competitive price. Please, do not hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to hear from you. I can be contacted at +91 9845235671 or +1 212 931 5152. Alternatively, you can mail me at varun@ajax.in
09/25/07 Effikc $25.00 12/25/07
COMMENTS: OFFER: We can provide a trial run with 10 work stations 24x7 for 3 months. For the trial period we will charge $0.01 (i.e. 1cent per word) for the trial period. We are in a growth mode ourselves and hopefully we can scale up our operations if we sign a contract. SUGGESTION: Our suggestion would be to try out say 5 vendors with 10 workstations for a period of 3 months before you do select your service provider. Instead of boasting about our services here, we will let our work do all the talking.
09/26/07 Globiz Solutions & Services $25.00 09/27/07
COMMENTS: Globiz Solutions is a BPO and customer care contact center having an offshore center in India and main office in USA. Our center is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology (customized call center and BPO software, leased line) and continuous training programs for our resources. Our resources are well trained with English grammar and accent neutralization. Our resources working on transcription projects are well versed with the various accents and styles of spoken English. We can also provide resources for other languages as per the requirement of the project. We have been providing transcription services for more than 2 years and currently we are working on medical & legal transcription projects (reference will be provided if required). We do provide a 24 hour turn around time, 99 % accuracy and have a strong QA process and team to ensure quality. We have a sister IT company, Inforesha Technologies, hence we can provide complete IT support as per the requirement of the project. We also provide virtual assistant, email, chat and phone support services to our clients, finance (data entry, accounting, billing, preparing financial documents), customer care services (outbound/inbound campaigns, B2B & B2C), HR (recruiting, payroll), and KPO services thus providing a one stop solution for our clients. To ensure high quality and efficient services we have an independent Quality Assurance team to monitor every project. Our core competency is providing customized Business process service and support at industry best standards and unmatched costs. Let us know the project details so we can prepare a formal business proposal including the pricing, process and other details. Looking forward to a mutually beneficial business relationship. Contact Reshma at reshma@globizsolutions.com / 001-602-451-3984 or Raj at raj@globizsolutions.com / 011-91-9423860809. Thanks, Reshma
09/26/07 HEXACODE $25.00 09/30/07
COMMENTS: We, Hexacode, are headquartered at Chicago and have excellent offshore facilities at India, India where 100 plus employees are working. Our employees profile includes 5-10 years of experience in the medical billing service and medical transcription services. To prove our capability, we are ready to take a pilot test at any given time. It would be great if you could send me the contact details to quote for the services. Please visit our company website, www.hexacode.net to know more about our company and process. i look forward to hearing from you.